Spartan Race Category Types


So you’re interested in running a Spartan race. We will explain what the different types of
Spartan races consist of:

There are three main types of Spartan Race

  • For beginners we recommend the Sprint. The shorter Spartan routes have a length of +5
    km and +20 obstacles. Complete the race at your own pace. If you miss an obstacle along
    the way, you will owe us 30 burpees or frog jumps before continuing.
  • Are you ready for more? The Super race has a length of +13 km, +25 obstacles and is
    often carried out in a harder terrain.
  • The toughest of the three races is the Beast: +20 km and +30 obstacles. We’ll let you
    imagine what the challenges of the journey are.
  • For children we offer Jr. Varsity careers and Varsity careers. These races that cover a
    distance of between ½ – 1 mile emphasize teamwork, fun and mud.
  • For those who dare more: take a look at these endurance races, Ultra Beast, Hurricane
    Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 hours and Agoge.


These athletes are competing to win prize money, test themselves against the best of the best, attract potential sponsors, and rise to the top of the Spartan Race Point Series.
Elite Racers, like all Spartan athletes, commit to flawless sportsmanship and adhere strictly to the race rules and guidelines. Racers who fail to follow these guidelines risk disqualification.
If you have to ask yourself if you are elite, you probably aren’t.


The Age Group Category, formerly known as “Competitive” is a series of heats placed immediately after the Elite category. Age Group racers will follow the same rules and standards as the Elite racers.
Age Group heats will be officiated by on-course referees, video review, and feature an Age Group points series with exciting prizes, podium awards, and athlete rankings. Age Group Racers believe they could win or place in a given race when stacked against only the best of the best within their designated age group.

The age ranges in the category are:

  • 14-17 years
  • 18-24 years
  • 25-29 years
  • 30-39 years
  • 40-49 years old
  • 50+ years


The Open category is for everyone, period. Weekend warriors, novice athletes, first-time racers, and teams are all welcome here. The Open category offers the same opportunity as the Competitive and Elite categories to get far outside your comfort zone, test your body’s limits, and experience the awesome rush of the finish line. However, there’s no pressure to push your pace.
Regardless of which category you race in, all finishes will count toward the completion of a TRIFECTA or Spartan DELTA.


For children we offer distances that cover a distance of 800, 1600 and 3200 meters, careers that emphasize teamwork, fun and mud. The categories begin from 4 to 13 years of age. Children have their own set of Spartan Signature obstacles, created especially for their abilities. The experience for the little ones is amazing, they can accompany you without problems to their parents while also competing!