Prizes and Awards


The Spartan Race Chile and PerĂº 2020 season will have the following categories: Elite, Age Group and Open. For Elite athletes, there will be cash prizes for both men and women.

Age Group category has 8 groups divided by age (new in 2019): 14-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+ years, category which will award prizes for the 3 best men and the 3 best ladies. In total, there will be 48 award-winning runners in the Age Group category.

Spartan Kids will have prizes only for older children between 11 and 13 years old (competitive category). The first three children and the first three girls will obtain the diploma.

The award ceremony must be in person, the winner can not delegate a representative. Prizes for winners who will not attend award ceremonies in person will be lost. Nothing will be sent by mail.

All winners before the award ceremony agree to go under the identification control to verify their personal data and date of birth. Winners who avoid passing through the identification control will not be able to attend the award ceremony. It is mandatory to use the official shirt of the event to go up to the award.

For more information, please review the bases of the event.

Spartan is made up of world-class athletes. One of the things in which Spartan Inc. differs from other mud races is in which we time our riders. The main objective of our company is personal improvement, but that does not mean that we do not value winning. After each race Spartan Race you will be awarded a score that is calculated based on your performance taking into account the time of the winner in your age group and gender.

Then, your score is added to the three main series so you can buy yourself with the rest of the Spartans: world series, regional series and national series. The total possible points per race are 300. One Beast race is weighted at 100%, a Super at 98% and a Sprint at 96%. Only your top 5 scores count for the rankings.

The elite, competitive and open categories are classified separately. So that your results appear correctly in the rankings of our different Spartan Point series, you will have to “claim” all your results through Athlinks and make sure that all your relevant careers are grouped in a single Athlinks profile. You can find out how to do that here, as well as solve some common problems with the Athlinks profile.

Race points are calculated based on the type of event (Sprint, Super, Beast) and the competing category (Elite, Age Group, Open).

Event Points Award Breakdown:

  • Beast: 300 max. points to the 1st place man-woman = 100% points
  • Super: 294 max points to 1st place man-woman = 98% points
  • Sprint: 288 max. points to the first place man-woman = 96% points

Elite: points are calculated based on gender completion times in general. Formula: (first place in general, gender time / your time) * 300 Example: 1st place male elite in a sprint race with a final of 30 minutes: (30min / 30min) * 300] * 96% = 288 points.

Age Group: points are calculated based on the time of completion of the general gender and the order of completion of the age group. Formula: (first general place of gender time / your time) * 100+ (first place, time of age group / your time) * 200. Example: 2nd place of gender in general, 1st age group 40-44 open female in a race of Beast with a final of 180 minutes: (first place, gender finished with 175min): [[(175min / 180min) * 100] + [(180min / 180min) * 200]] * 100% = 297 points.

Open: points are calculated based on the total time of completion of gender, the order of completion of the age group and participation. Formula: (first general place of gender / time) * 95 + (first place, time of the age group / your time) * 195 + 10 participation / completion points. Example: 2nd place of gender in general, 1st age group 40-44 open female in a race of Beasts with a final of 180 minutes: (first place, gender finished with 175min): [[(175min / 180min) * 95] + [(180min / 180min) * 195] + 10] * 100% = 297 points.

In our main series (World’s, Regionals, Nationals), only the best 5 races of each athlete
are considered for the general calculation of athlete points.