Inscripciones Spartan Race Chile y Perú

Spartan Chile and Perú Registrations

Where and how do I sign up? Registration for Spartan Race Chile and Peru events is done through the and platform (only official fundraiser). Once registered, you will receive a receipt (e-ticket) in your email, which you must present the day of the event along with your identification.

Registration for Spartan Trifecta Weekend, Picarquín. May 30th – 31st , 2020: Register Here

Lima Sprint, April 25th, 2020: Register Here

The events have 4 registration periods, subject to the number of quotas, as they run out, the price goes up. In the Open category (Sprint or Super), you can choose your departure time.

How can I pay?

An e-ticket, generated by paying the registration, can be paid with the most popular electronic payment methods in Chile and Peru: Webpay (Redcompra, Visa, Mastercard, Magna, American Express, Diners), Khipu (Automated Transfers) , Manual transfers, store cards, etc.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic voucher, which is sent to your email (once the payment is confirmed) and serves as an entry to the event for which it was purchased, the e-ticket can also be replaced by your identity card (new or old) if you entered your RUT when you bought your e-eticket. The e-ticket (voucher or ID) must be presented at the entrance of the event , in case of the voucher, you must have it printed or you can show it from your cell phone and in the case of the identity card, It is your obligation to carry it by law.