Rules and Regulations Spartan Race Chile

CAREER BASES 2020 [/ v6_header]


  1. All runners are responsible for fully understanding and knowing the Race Rules, the Rules of Obstacles and how to perform the burpees properly before the event. [/ v6_list_item]

  2. If any runner does not understand the Rules of the race, it is your responsibility to ask the organizer before stepping on the starting line or before the obstacle. [/ v6_list_item]

  3. All verbal or written instructions will be provided by email before the race. However, on instructions from the race director, obstacle volunteers or field stewards may have priority before the Race Rules. [/ V6_list_item]

  4. Competitors run in several starts (starting waves), in groups of 175 runners in each “heat” (wave). The first two series are Elite “Heats”, where the males start at 08:00 a.m. (Elite Heat Men) and for the ladies at 08:15 a.m. (Women Elite Heat). To be awarded points for Elite, the minimum number of participants for Elite Heat Men must be 30 people, and for Elite Heat Women 10 people. The next heat is the Age Group Heat for both men and women, who start by age range. The amount of Heats (start waves) for Age Group will depend on the number of registrations. The waves of Age Group are followed by waves Open, which start at 09:15 am; for both men and women, in this start they can run together. [/ v6_list_item]

  5. Start waves start at 15 minute intervals. The start times of all waves may vary, depending on the discipline, weather, season and number of registered competitors. [/ V6_list_item]

  6. For the 2020 season, it is a performance criterion with respect to the participation of a competitor in Elite Heats – men. The runners for these heats must run below these time limits:

    Note: The time limits are indicative and will be specified for each sex separately in the Athlete’s Guide for each race. If there are no time limits mentioned in the athlete’s guide for a specific event, the limits in these rules apply automatically. Time limits may also be adjusted by the Race Director after races if there is a significant impact on the limit, due to other unpredictable circumstances such as changes in weather, route changes, etc. [/ v6_list_item]

  7. To be awarded points for the Elite category, the runner must finish in less than the time limit for a certain discipline. The participation fee in the Elite will depend on the registration period. The results of the runner that does not finish in the time limit will move to the Open category. In this case, the broker can not claim compensation. [/ V6_list_item]

  8. Competitors must run in the wave / category in which they registered. If a competitor runs in another wave / registered category, he will be disqualified and that participation will not even be taken into account for Trifecta’s ratings. [/ V6_list_item]
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    REGISTER [/ v6_header]
    1. The registration system for events in Chile is, the international Spartan event system (Enhanced CEU) requires everyone to create a mandatory one-time profile (personal account within the system registration) before registering for any event. Creating a profile makes it easy for each participant to manage their current and subsequent events, to make an easy online substitution, to make changes within the waves, to create an invoice (these features are now under construction) and Trifecta reports within CEU. These online changes are available until Tuesday before the event for free. [/ V6_list_item]

    2. All competitors must indicate complete and correct data in the registration form. The evaluation of the score is also affected by the age of a competitor. The date of birth incorrectly indicated on the registration form will result in disqualification without any refund of the registration fee. [/V6_list_item]

    3. Team captains should not indicate their own email and their own phone number for other team members on the registration form. Each team member must indicate their own email and phone number on the registration form.
      Note: The registration for SRTG members to the SRTG series has a slightly different procedure. [/V6_list_item]

    4. Record changes can be made before the start but not after reaching the finish line.
    5. Changing the record between individual and team and vice versa is not possible.
    6. [/ v6_list]

      OBSTACLES [/ v6_header]
      To obtain the detailed OBSTACLE MANUAL, visit

      DISQUALIFICATION (DQ) [/ v6_header]

      Any trap results in immediate disqualification. The following will be considered cheating:

      1. Do not follow the specified route and use shortcuts. An athlete is responsible for staying on the route. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate in complex terrain, and sometimes even the most sophisticated brand does not help. Athletes must understand that fast and correct guidance is also part of this sport: obstacle course in the field, and it is necessary to have certain skills to successfully complete the race. The intentional alteration of the route mark by an athlete falls into the category “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”, according to the basis of the event. The athlete who leaves the route intentionally or involuntarily, and can not return to the point where he left the official route, will be disqualified.
      2. 1.- Incomplete execution of the Burpee penalty exercise. The exercise is executed correctly when a chest completely touches the ground and an athlete jumps above the ground so that the soles of his feet do not touch the ground. Here is how to make Burpees in all races organized by Spartan Race:
        – Start in standing position.
        – Lie down on your haunches and put your hands on the floor in the back of you.
        – Kick your legs behind you to put yourself in position to do push-ups.
        – Do a push-up so that your chest touches the floor and rise again.
        – Kick your legs back so you can squat.
        – Stand up and jump with the body straightened.
        – While you’re in the air, clap your hands over your head. [/ V6_list_item]
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        To watch video with a demonstrative example of BURPEE correct

        Common mistakes:
        • A competitor does not touch the ground with his chest.
        • A competitor does not jump.
        • He / she does not jump with the body straightened.
        • He / she does not clap over the head.
        • A competitor does not complete the set of 30 burpees. We recommend saying in voice high every fifth burpee.


        2.- A competitor is responsible for the correct count of the penalty exercises. He / she can not anticipate that someone else will count for him / her. A competitor must comply with the instructions of the obstacle referee. If the referee does not recognize some exercises, a competitor has to repeat penalty exercises.

        3.- Leave or leave any part of the clothing, footwear or equipment with which a competitor originally started. Every part of the clothing and equipment must go through all the obstacles and you can not leave anything on a route. We also refer to camel-bags, flags, decorations, wigs, masks, costumes, etc. The use of tourist, trekking or ski sticks, metal nails on shoe soles, etc. is prohibited. You can also find any type of wooden sticks forbidden to use.

        4.- Skip the obstacles when running next to them.

        5.- Run without the initial number (BIB) or its intentional coverage, dirty, hide or eliminate the initial number. Each competitor has to identify himself with his starting number: diadem with the number that has been turned forward in his head. The headband must be visible at all times on the track from the starting pen to the finish line. The use of a headband on the neck or wrist is not acceptable and will result in disqualification.

        6.- If men use the load destined to women.

        7.- If men use steps of help destined only for women in the Wall.

        8.-Masking the synchronization chip with opaque adhesive tape (adhesive tape – silver adhesive tape) to avoid loss but causing the chip to malfunction.

        9.- Any person who throws rubbish on the route, outside the refreshment station or obstacle, will be disqualified.

        10.- Acceptance of help from others. External help It is not allowed to accept help from the audience or support team members. Competitors can not accept equipment, clothing, shoes, water or food on a route, unless it is from organizers. There is no penalty for verbal communication with medical personnel or acceptance of help and support from other competitors, with the exception that Elite competitors can not help each other in obstacles. Any form of physical therapy by medical personnel will result in immediate disqualification.

        11.- Acceptance of help from other brokers. Internal support It is forbidden to give and accept help among Elite runners and age groups in the field. Breaking this rule leads to disqualification. Only Open Heat runners can help each other.

        12.- Breach of cut-off time. Cutting time can be given for some races (generally for the Beast and Ultra disciplines). Most of the time it is due to the safety of the athletes. If the cut-off time is not met, a competitor is obliged to resign and will be disqualified. The cut-off time for the completion of the race is granted by the Race Director before the race and is published in the Athlete’s Guide for a specific event.
        Note: Do not confuse with “Cutting time” and “Time limit” for heats Elite. These two things are totally different.

        13.- Test of an obstacle. The test of an obstacle before the official start of the race is a reason for disqualification. The exception to this rule is to prove the obstacle placed within the festival area. While the obstacle in the area of the Festival or the course is covered with Spartan tape, it is considered as a closed obstacle and this obstacle is not allowed for the test.

        14.- Use of running shoes with metal / plastic or other tips of material. Also any type of help tool installed in the shoes called “help for traction in the snow” or “anti-slip help”. Such shoes and aids are prohibited for winter and the same as for summer races for safety reasons. Runners who will wear such prohibited shoes will be disqualified. The use of any trekking stick, natural sticks is also prohibited.

        15.- DNF (not finishing): Each obstacle must be completed and each penalty exercise must be done correctly and in its entirety. If a competitor can no longer continue due to physical or mental exhaustion anywhere on a route, he / she may withdraw from the race. All those who surrender must notify the referee about an obstacle or about the marshals of the course. First, they will remove the sync chip in place and all other bands, and then, if necessary, provide transportation to the festival area. In case the runner gives up on the track between obstacles and no one of the organizers took his time sheet, he must take it to the timing company at the finish line in such a way that he avoids scanning his card through the calendar.

        1. Elite / Age Group brokers can not accept any help “from the outside”. If a competitor accepts help from people who do not compete, for example, audience, service member or support team, including official medical assistance on a runway, for example: quick bandage, Advil, ice packs, drinking water for the public or if someone from the audience helps and shakes hands during overcoming obstacles, then the competitor loses the right to all prizes and will be assigned only with an unofficial time. He / she will receive only medal and shirt. The competitor Elite / Age Group Wave will not be penalized by verbal communication with medical personnel.

        2. If an additional video test reveals that the Elite / Age Group runners did not perform the appropriate penalty exercise, they will be penalized 30 seconds for each incorrect exercise. If the video evidently reveals that a competitor made less than 20 appropriate penalty exercises, he will be further disqualified.

        3. Protests of any competitor regarding preliminary results, failure to follow rules or route, or complaints about the behavior or acts of other competitors may be declared no later than 1 hour before the award ceremony, or as indicated in the Guide of the athlete for a certain career.


        Unsportsmanlike conduct: Each participant is expected to behave in accordance with the sporting spirit throughout the sporting event. Unsportsmanlike behavior is the reason for disqualification, exclusion from competition, expulsion for one year or the lifetime exclusion of all races, depending on the severity of the failure and the decision of the organizers.

        Discussing: The runners can not argue with the referee, the field marshal, the obstacle volunteer, the staff member, etc. Arguments will be considered non-sporting behaviors. The instructions or instructions of voluntary obstacles or arbitrators will be fulfilled without delay, otherwise, they will lead to disqualification. Unless they feel they have been treated unfairly, they have the right to protest when they enrich the finish line.

        Slow runners: Slow competitors must allow the fastest athletes to pass. The deliberate obstruction of faster runners overtaking on any part of a route will be classified as “unsporting behavior”.

        Littering: Any person who throws waste on the route, outside the refreshment station, will be disqualified. In addition to soda stations, garbage can also be left in the obstacles that are equipped with garbage bags or plastic containers.

        Health and safety: If a competitor witnesses accidents and injuries that require medical attention
        Immediate, can not continue until someone from the organizers arrives at the place. Failure to provide assistance to the competitor in need of such medical assistance will be considered as “unsportsmanlike behavior”. Each competitor is expected to use his or her best judgment regarding the severity of the injury to decide whether to stay and help the person in difficulty and need, or seek help from the nearest obstacle. A competitor has to understand that his decision in favor of the injured person could jeopardize his own time result. In such cases, a competitor must take into account that it is possible, but not guaranteed, an additional time compensation for the loss of time caused by the granting of such assistance.

        Penalty in the Burpee area: Athletes are required to complete their penalty burpees within the designated area or area, since the bureaucrats are supervised by course officials and / or video cameras. Course officials will review the video to ensure that the appropriate form is used and the athlete has completed the burpee penalty. The Burpee zones are there for safety and to allow the flow of the athlete in progress. Blocking the progress of other athletes doing penalty burpees in the path of athletes falls under the rules of “unsportsmanlike conduct”.


        1. The SR 2018 season will have these categories: Elite, Age Group and Open. The prizes will be for Men, Women in Elite and Age Group. Age Group category has rewards only for individuals: men and women. The latter has 6 groups divided by age: 15-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+ years. Each Age Group will have prizes for the 3 best men and the 3 best women. In total, 48 riders of the Age Group category will be awarded.

        2. Spartan Kids will have prizes only for children between 11 and 13 years old. The first three children and the first three girls will obtain the diploma.

        3. The award ceremony must be in person, the winner can not delegate a representative. Prizes for winners who will not attend award ceremonies in person will be lost. Nothing will be sent by mail.

        4. All winners before the award ceremony agree to go under the identification control to verify their personal data and date of birth. Winners who avoid passing through the identification control will not be able to attend the award ceremony.

        5. Winners must use Spartan Finisher T-Shirt for the award ceremony in order to receive prizes.

        6. A competitor is responsible for the correct assembly and use of the timing chip through all the control points in a route and in an end.

        7. If a competitor loses his timing chip, he / she has to inform the timing company about it immediately upon completion. Such competitor will not have his official time confirmed until he is approved by the Race Director.

        8. Any chip loss, or missing record from a checkpoint, can lead to disqualification.

        9. The Marshals (judges) of the course can be useful to confirm a route to a competitor who lost the chip or his chip did not record the time of the control point.

        10. Spartan Race reserves the right to review all videos and photos of the race and, depending on the results, change the results or disqualify competitors. Penalty of 30 seconds for each burpee lost. If an athlete makes less than 20 burpees, then he is disqualified.



        1. The official protests of any competitor with respect to preliminary results, breach of rules or route, or complaints about behavior or acts of other competitors can be declared no later than 1 hour before the award ceremony, or as indicated in the Guide of the athlete for a certain career.
        2. The official protests will be declared orally, directly to the Race Director.
        3. Prior to the official protest, the protest fee ($ 25,000 CLP) must be paid at the registration desk.
        4. In the case of a justified protest, the fee will be refunded.

        In case of bad weather or other natural disasters, or for other organizational or technical reasons, the organizers of Spartan reserve the right to change, modify the part of, or the complete route, as well as some obstacles, or suspend or terminate all the race in the name of preserving the health and safety of competitors, organizers and the public. In the event that competitors are requested to suspend or terminate an activity for the reasons mentioned above, they will do so immediately. Any verbal or written instruction on the day of the race given in the pre-race emails, pre-race reports or by volunteers and / or course marshals will replace the rules in this manual. These rules are not final and will be modified, updated and continuously amended by the Race Director, depending on the situation. [/ V6_row]