Run From Your Routine

Spartan Trail is classic trail running the way it’s meant to be. Get off the pavement and explore America’s wilderness over 10k and Half Marathon distances.


Maybe you’re a city runner looking for a change. Maybe you’re bored with the sound of the treadmill. Or maybe you’re an avid off-road runner, searching for magical outdoor experiences and epic trails to conquer. Wherever you find yourself on your running journey, Spartan Trail is here to push you to the next level. Spartan Trail offers 10k and half marathon races that will take new runners to wild places, celebrate age group athletes, award top finishers with cash, and bring together a community of Spartans with one goal – to run their race. Welcome to Spartan Trail.

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Running outdoors is special. There are new opportunities around every corner. Who will you bump into out on the trail? Join running legends Charlie Engle and Luis Escobar for Chile’s best new trail running series – where the excitement and quality events Spartan is known for, meets good old-fashioned mom and pop trails. Each race is overseen by a legend or two from the trail running world. Whether you’re attempting your first 10k, are pushing for a 21k PR, or are out to claim an FKT, there’s a Spartan Trail event for you. You’ll even cross the famous fire jump in signature Spartan style at the finish.


Everyone walks away with something. Whether you’re a trail newbie, or a seasoned pro clocking 12 hour 100 milers, there’s a Spartan Trail finisher’s medal and shirt for all. All racers receive free professional photos, free beer (where available), finish line food and drink, national rankings, and the Spartan festival experience. Elite competitors will race for cash prize money, and male and female Age Groupers get special gold, silver and bronze medals for the top 3 finishers in each age group category. Bringing friends and sharing tall tales from the race is all on you.